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Q. How do I gift a purchase?

A. If you're gifting a purchase please put the receivers contact information in Shipping section. Your information (payee) should be entered in the Billing section. We request that a contact number be provided for order and delivery confirmations. 


We’ve worked hard to create flavor combinations that make our products special.  Because of this, we regret that we’re unable to accommodate modifications to menu items (e.g. the addition or omission of particular ingredients (nuts, fillings, etc.) 

Stands, Dividers, & Other Cake Devices:
In the event that Good Tayst provides our own cupcake stands, cake stands, cake plates or other cake devices not purchased by you, they must be returned within 3 business days after your event. If additional time is needed to return items, arrangements must be made at time of final payment.


Failure to return our items will forfeit your rental deposit. Once all stands, cake boards and other devices have been returned in the same condition as received, your deposit will be promptly refunded according to your specific contract.


Damaged items will forfeit all rental deposits. If we must make an additional trip after your event to retrieve any of our rental items, your deposit amount will be forfeited. 

Common but limited items available for rent:
Cupcake Stand (large Plexiglas or White stand) $150 deposit/$125 refund
Various Glass cake stands $100 deposit/$90 refund

Pickup waiver:
If you have chosen to have your cake picked up, we cannot be responsible for damage to any cake once it has left our shop. Any repairs or replacement cakes will be subject to additional fees. Any individual picking up a cake must be at Amaru Confections on or before the agreed upon time and arrive in a vehicle appropriate to transport said cake. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information. 

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