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About Us 

Good Tayst started in 2007 in the kitchen of Tasia’s apartment. 


Raised as a second generation “restaurant child” Tasia first discovered her love of cooking in her parents Montreal restaurant at the age of 7! From there her passion only blossomed. 


Tasia decided to pursue an education in Baking and Pastry arts. She learned the principles of baking, and cake decorating first by earning her Wilton Certification. Followed by courses at The Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary located in Toronto. She knew that someday, she wanted to own her own bakery or cake boutique as she loves the art and unlimited creativity of cake making.  However she never forgot where her love of creating edible masterpieces began.


Since launching her catering service in 2014, Tasia has been the “go-to” not only for delicious desserts but also large scale and intimate gatherings. From towering cake tiers to a maple glazed turkey and corporate lunches. Tasia has now become one of Toronto’s up and coming Chefs and best kept secrets; producing delectable menus and all in one catering for all your event needs. 

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